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The Pause allows a moment of reflection after the death of a patient, and offers help with closure. It can be an opportunity to acknowledge the importance of the moment, and be a helpful transition for everyone present. Since it is shared in silence, The Pause is multicultural, allowing for personal reflection. By honoring a persons’ last rite of passage, we can bring a moment of humanity into the sometimes stark world of medicine.

The Pause was created by Jonathan Bartels, RN in 2014. We like everything about it. We especially like how it is a way to honor the patient, the staff and the family in a universal way. When we Jonathan about putting The Pause on a badge card he asked if we could offer it for free - how could we refuse? We would love for people to have access to and incorporate The Pause into their care. So, for individual use, there is no cost for this item. You will need to pay for shipping but it is not inflated in any way; the same shipping rates apply as you would pay for any other item on our website. When you add a single card to the shopping cart it will become free during checkout. For bulk and institution purchases if you purchase  more than 1, the first is free and the additional cards are charged at our standard rate.

For more information about The Pause check out their website