Practical products for healthcare professionals

Scrub Pocket is a small publishing company that was founded in 2009 by an Emergency Nurse. While searching for quick nursing reference materials, we found that although there are many pocket guides, references and books available to health care professionals, they all seemed to lack a customized and personal touch. We also found that some guides claiming to be "pocket guides" were larger than some books!


Smaller, content-specific references, and whenever possible CUSTOMIZED

This way, you can decide which products are right for you. No need to purchase an entire book just for a small section.


ID and badge card accessories

We also offer everything you need to keep your Scrub Pocket in order. We have everything from badge reels, badge holders, badge buddies, pins, notebooks, brain booklets, scissors, and too many more to list!

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Custom Printing & Design

We love the idea of making products that fit YOUR needs, and that means CUSTOM. We manufacture most of our products right in our Connecticut offices. Lets see what we can make together to give you EXACTLY what you need.