Customer Reviews

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Here is what our customers are saying about us:
"Got these for my nursing class....when our clinical instructor saw them he asked where his was, so...I ordered him some too :-) Great for a quick look up when you are needing the info and can't remember." 
Mikala, Nursing Student - OH
"I ordered this because after 20 years of being a nurse, I get mixed up on the terms. This card is very handy and easy to read." 
Linda, Nurse - CA
"I love my badge cards they are the coolest things and are just the perfect size with great information on them! Thank you for the fast delivery and perfect product!" 
Alyssia - OH
"I received my badge guides very quickly, and have been using them daily since. They are standard ID badge sized, and made of a lighter thinner plastic than a typical ID badge. This keeps them from weighing down my badge clip, durable, and still looking tidy as they are the same size and don't stick out. Very handy!" 
Tina - CO
"As a nursing student, info on the go is a must have, so to have this on my badge to quickly review is so great. I bought many to share and actually had to buy a second time to hand more out to my student friends!" 
Andrea, Nursing Student - MD
"I am a graduate nurse and still have some trouble recalling all the normal ranges of lab values. This little card is great. I keep it on the back of my ID, no one but me knows it is there. It also has a surprisingly large amount of info on it for being such a small sized reference card." 
Michael, Nurse - CO
"I'm a Pediatric nurse & am finding that I use these almost every day. They are an invaluable resource on the run." 
Karen, Nurse - IL
"They were extremely prompt and efficient and the cards were exactly as seen in picture I would not hesitate to order from them again!!" 
Nancy - MI
"Awesome product!!! I have been recommending these to every nurse I know!" 
Stephanie, Nurse - PA
"BEST thing I have ever bought for my nursing career! LOVE IT. And I use it ALL the time!"
 Arielle, Nurse - OH
"Thank You so much for this reference card! I had been looking for awhile for something similar and I am so happy to have found this as it has been such a great help to me!" 
 Kiela - CA
"They fit into my badge card perfectly. I am very pleased with the detail and total info on each card. I especially like the blank one for filling in myself,(too bad I can't write that small). For a student on clinicals these are perfect for that - need to know now but haven't quite locked it memory just yet. Even the instructors agree! I recommend these for any nursing student!!"
Mary, Nursing Student - MS
"Hello, I want to tell you that the product I purchased from your company is great and is already helping me while in school and Clinicals. This is the coolest learning tool ever!"
Donna, Nursing Student - LA