Complete Set for Nurse CNA MA Badge Cards - 13 cards


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Complete set of 13 badge cards we offer geared toward nurses, CNA's, and MA's. Set includes the following cards:

Adult Vital Signs
Anatomical Directions
Dermatome Diagram
ECG Ruler & Diagram
EKG 12 Lead Placement
General Healthcare Conversions
Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
Insulin Reference
Lab Values
Medication Math & Drip Titration
Pediatric Vital Signs & Developmental Milestones
Weight Conversion General Range
Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale w/ Spanish Rating Scale

We are pleased to be the exclusive provider of Wong-Baker FACES® products. Purchasing these products gives you the license to use scale in these products, only. However, if the Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale is being used in your healthcare organization in other ways, please contact the Foundation to explore licensing requirements. Licensing Information